Secret Desires

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What‘s your secret desire? I’m dying to know, and maybe share a few of mine…

That’s the crux of my sensual domination style, figuring out what it is that makes you tick and indulging you until you’re begging for more. Lost in the moment together, the veil between fantasy and reality thins.

I once had a lover describe me as ‘more playful than stern, but always in control’.

What does control look like to me? It’s the whimper from your lips as my hands explore your canvas. It’s the sweet pleading tone in your voice as you ask for what you want – not knowing if I’ll indulge you.

I don’t desire to take control through force; I beckon you to give it up – softly, slowly snd eagerly. Do you know what true hunger is? Once you’ve tasted something so delicate, that you can’t help but crave it all the time?

Are you a jealous, yet excited, cuckold? An eager to please servant? Do you host a feminine alter ego? A fetish craving that you’ve been dying to try? A precious toy, yearning to be played with until I’m done with you.

Maybe you’re curious and shy, you need a girlfriend to take your hand and show you the ropes. Perhaps you’re interested in experiencing overwhelming sensations – or being denied the pleasure. 

I don’t need to take what I want from you. You will surrender it to me without hesitation. Let’s explore together, your secret desires.

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